Voice Your Support of HB1243 (Professor Carry Bill)

Supporters of the 2nd Amendment:

We need your help!

The House Education Committee vote on HB1243, TO ALLOW TRAINED AND LICENSED STAFF AND FACULTY TO CARRY A CONCEALED HANDGUN ON A UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, OR COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, is coming up on Tuesday 2/12/13. We ask that you please contact the members of the House Education Committee listed below voicing your support of this bill. Emails need to arrive no later than Monday 2/11/13 to ensure the members hear your voice prior to their vote. We need to inundate them!

Click HERE to read the text of the bill.

Representative Charlie Collins said he sponsored this bill because we have a significant recurring problem: the murder of our loved ones on college campuses. There are on average several campus shootings per year resulting in significant loss of life every year. HB1243 will allow faculty and staff with concealed carry permits to carry on the campus where they work. The benefit is that some killers will be deterred from choosing a campus for their shooting spree because an armed faculty or staff member may be able to stop them before they wreak havoc on innocent people. These staff members can also protect people seeking safety during a shooting spree, another life saving benefit of the law. The law specifically EXCLUDES students from being allowed to carry on campus, because constituents expressed concern about a perceived increased potential for a weapon to get in the wrong hands. HB1243 will save lives with a minimal risk. Let’s save lives by protecting our children, spouses and other loved ones on Arkansas college campuses!

Email addresses for all 20 members of the House Education Committee are listed below for your convenience along with links at the bottom to mass email them all at once.

House Education Committee
Rep. James McLean, Chair, D-63 [email protected]
Rep. Ann Clemmer, Vice Chair R-23 [email protected]
Rep. Debra M. Hobbs R-94 [email protected]
Rep. Les “Skip” Carnine R-90 [email protected]
Rep. Robert E. Dale R-68 [email protected]
Rep. Karen S. Hopper R-100 [email protected]
Rep. Jody Dickinson D-47
Rep. John Charles Edwards D-35 [email protected]
Rep. Mark Biviano R-46 [email protected]
Rep. John Catlett D-73 [email protected]
Rep. Homer Lenderman D-53 [email protected]org
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh R-79 [email protected]arkansashouse.org
Rep. Jon S. Eubanks R-74 [email protected]
Rep. Sheilla E. Lampkin D-9 [email protected]org
Rep. James Ratliff D-60 [email protected]
Rep. Bruce Cozart R-24 [email protected]
Rep. Charlotte Vining Douglas R-75 [email protected]
Rep. Mark Lowery R-39 [email protected]
Rep. Charles L. Armstrong D-30 [email protected]
Rep. Brent Talley D-3 [email protected]

Email All Committee Members – iPhone / GMail / Yahoo

Email All Committee Members – Outlook / Alternate Method

(If clicking the Email All link does not work, create a new message in your email program, right click on an EMail All Committee Members link, select Copy Email Addresses, and paste the emails into the To portion of the your email message.)


6 comments to Voice Your Support of HB1243 (Professor Carry Bill)

  • James Laubler

    Letter written as a professional and emailed. It has been sent to Patsy Wooten. You have my permission to share it (but edit out my signature section / personal information)

  • Robert Kossieck

    Please support this bill, it really makes senxe.

  • Todd Peterson

    I think it is great that we have politicians supporting our rights as Arkansans to the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Now, I have to ask why are our politicians having to support our rights to our 2nd Amendment? It is because of unfaithful politicians who have no loyalty to the American people whom they are supposed to support that we are where we are now as a nation trying to get back the rights which were given away through corruption, greed and selfishness. Our forefathers were wise to make us aware how corrupt man can be. They put into place a system that has protected its people for 200 years. I pray that our government and our American system can reign supreme for another 200 years. The only way this can happen is for our politicians to rally around the AMERICAN PEOPLE instead of getting PEOPLE to rally around an idea of politicians. Ideas which make them profitable at the tax payers expense. We need an overhaul! An overhaul of crooked insurance companies, corrupt banking organizations, corrupt corporations and a corrupt Wall Street. Our politicians have been catering to the needs and wealth they can obtain supporting soulless financial institutions, companies and organizations who profit at tax payer expense. It is time for those who believe in the greater good to take from the evil that exists within our political realm. The American spirit is alive and well! We need our politicians to reflect that spirit in the our Constitutional Rights and protect them rather than taking them away. Our military is being attacked as well. It is being replaced by drones who don’t mind killing their fellow Americans. Drones who don’t think or have a spirit. The “Fighting Razorbacks” also known as the 188th are being replaced. Not by Americans but by drones. Drones which can be operated from New York City or Washington DC. The drones don’t care if the operator is Anti-American or the member of a “New World Order”. Drones do as commanded whether they protect “righteousness” or institute the “unrighteous” agenda. My prayer is that all politicians throughout this great country will hold this evil in Washington responsible and accountable for the actions imposed on the American people. Without good leadership how can we ever be a great and righteous nation once again? I have been told repeatedly by attorneys over the last two years that the case I have with my previous franchisor can not be fought on merit. I ask my politicians “Since when do we stop fighting for righteousness?” If there is no righteousness then there can only be corruption. Without righteousness then evil can prevail. God speed to all politicians who believe in the righteousness of the United States and its American people. Judgement to those who stand for unrighteousness, corruption and lusts of the flesh.

  • Mike Landry

    This is what I have written to the Education Committee

    Please accept my support for HB 1243, the campus concealed carry bill, as written.

    I am an Arkansas resident who is a professor at an Oklahoma university and a graduate and former visiting associate professor of the University of Arkansas.

    Given the campus shootings in recent years, I am concerned about my students and my responsibility for their safety. In instances where seconds count, police response takes minutes, minutes in which many people can be killed.

    Currently, the gun-free nature of a college campus is an invitation to yet another shooting rampage. As a result, campus faculty and staff willing to be armed should be allowed to carry weapons and receive proper training to minimize, if not obliterate, the risk of future mass campus shootings.

    Armed faculty and staff may not stop a mad gunman from coming on campus, but will make sure he doesn’t get very far.

    We already have armed police on campus. Why not expand some of their training to other members of the campus community willing to step up to make academic environments safe?

    Thanks for your consideration and your service to Arkansas.

  • Chris

    Well, I work here on campus at the U of A, and I can assure you that No Staff nor Faculty will carry a gun here on this campus.
    All of our legislative bodies have overwhelmingly voiced and voted against any such measures. As well as, students, faculty and staff, and parents. Only Law Enforcement will carry on this campus.

  • Chris

    Also, even our campus police do not want faculty and staff carrying guns.

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