Regarding The Supreme Court Upholding Obamacare

Americans across the political spectrum have eagerly awaited the Supreme Court verdict that was disclosed yesterday regarding the nationalized healthcare law, formally and optimistically titled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We believe that we represent our membership accurately, and indeed most conservatives, in expressing our profound disappointment that Obamacare was not found wholly unconstitutional. There are some indications that the ramifications of Chief Justice Robert’s opinion have yet to be fully debated and weighed, and may offer some optimism for conservatives regarding his findings for the Commerce Clause. In the meantime, however, we reaffirm our conviction that this law does not represent effective reform or the wishes of the majority of our citizens. It is an oppressive law which threatens both economic prosperity and individual liberty for every single American. As such, we will continue to stand firmly against government intrusion into our healthcare and our economy, and will work steadfastly toward its reversal until the tide of government overreach is turned.

We must also take this moment to encourage our fellow Arkansans in the 2012 elections. As one of the most important elections of our lifetimes draws near, our involvement as the electorate, or lack of it, will have far-reaching consequences for the future. Arkansas is facing a unique opportunity to produce significant policy shifts in all levels of government, and the state level especially can serve as a line in the sand when federal representation fails us. All of us at Conservative Arkansas are looking forward to a very exciting election year, to helping our citizens build relationships with their state and federal candidates and representatives, and to holding them accountable to the people of Arkansas!

2 comments to Regarding The Supreme Court Upholding Obamacare

  • Doothy Hesse

    We could not believe what happened. Declaring it a tax……all the other horrible stuff left without a decision? A real brainer. Unless he had something else up his sleeve….do you suppose?

  • Blanche Manos

    This is a terrible decision by the Supreme Court. I physically felt ill all day. We thought we could count on Justice Roberts to vote as a Conservative. Guess not! We must encourage all citizens to vote in November and get Obama and his horrible plan out of office.

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