Meet the Candidates Saturday, March 8 at the Rogers Public Library

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 8 at the Rogers Public Library. Speakers for this meeting will be:

Asa Hutchinson, candidate for Governor
Andy Mayberry, candidate for Lt. Governor
Leslie Rutledge, candidate for Attorney General
Ken Yang, candidate for Auditor

When: Saturday, March 8
10 a.m. – noon

Where: Friends of RPL Community Room
Rogers Public Library
711 S Dixieland Rd
Rogers, AR 72758

We will have a couple of other candidates, whom we haven’t met before, introduce themselves briefly after the main speakers have finished:

Taylor Watkins, candidate for State Representative, District 80 (running as a Libertarian against Republican incumbent Rep. Charlene Fite)
Pedro Fimbres, candidate for State Senator, District 4 (running as a Republican against Democrat incumbent Sen. Uvalde Lindsey)

This will be the last presentation of candidates before the endorsement vote on April 5th. We hope to see you there!

The cutoff date for membership applications is 3/15/14 in order to participate in the Endorsement Vote on April 5th. Only members will be allowed to attend this meeting and vote on candidates for endorsement. Membership applications received after this date will still be considered for membership, they will just be ineligible to participate in the endorsement meeting. All membership applications will be reviewed and approved by the board before membership is granted. Board review for membership is required in our bylaws for the purpose of preventing a candidate or group from packing the endorsement meeting to control the vote. Membership donations are $30 (Regular) or $100+ (Sustaining). While there is a minimum donation for membership, please consider supporting Conservative Arkansas’ work with an additional donation (up to $5,000 max per year).

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