Jan. 19 Meeting - Tort Law Reform Forum

Saturday, January 19th, 1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Rogers Public Library in the Friends of RPL Community Room

Conservative Arkansas is pleased to invite you to our first meeting of 2013. Our January meeting will be a forum to discuss tort law reform featuring three knowledgeable experts from our area – Former State Representative Timothy Hutchinson, State Senator Jim Hendren, and Mr. Joey McCutchen, Esquire.

In the Senate, Jim Hendren is considering legislation to change tort laws to reduce businesses’ vulnerability to “frivolous lawsuits”. Hendren said Texas and other states have less-strict regulations that are luring businesses away from Arkansas.

Joey McCutchen, a Conservative trial lawyer from Fort Smith, has been traveling around the state educating Conservative citizens on the subject of “How Tort Reform is Contrary to Conservative Values and Principles.” McCutchen challenges true conservatives to oppose tort reform because it is not conservative and violates the Constitutional Right to Trial by Jury found in the Seventh Amendment to the US Constitution and also in the Arkansas Constitution.

Timothy Hutchinson holds a middle ground between the two views.

All three speakers have graciously offered to stay as long as our group has questions (up until 5 p.m.) so come prepared for discussion by bringing your questions and ideas. Please note that this meeting will be held in the afternoon instead of our usual morning meeting time. Sandwiches, dessert, and drinks will be

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