HB1897 (School Choice) Needs Your Help


Representative Randy Alexander’s School Choice bill, HB1897,TO ESTABLISH THE PARENTAL CHOICE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, TO CREATE A SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM THAT PROVIDES ALL ARKANSAS CHILDREN THE OPTION TO ATTEND THE PUBLIC OR PRIVATE ELEMENTARY OR SECONDARY SCHOOL OF THEIR PARENTS’ CHOICE, faces the very difficult House Education Committee at 10am,Tuesday, April 2nd, in room 138. The committee is Republican-controlled, but we all know that doesn’t mean that it is conservative-controlled! According to Representative Alexander, it is a very long shot to get this bill out of the House Education Committee and it’s ONLY chance, is if the public gets behind it with strong grassroots support. This bill would start with the money used to educate each student in Arkansas public schools, then let parents decide where most of it is spent.

Click HERE to read the text of the bill.

As you would expect, the Teacher’s Union is opposed to this bill, but the most powerful group against it is the Superintendent’s organization. They are the ones putting the most pressure on the legislators who might otherwise vote for it. BUT IN A SURVEY LAST FALL, 74% OF ARKANSANS SUPPORT SCHOOL CHOICE! It’s time we remind these public servants that we don’t want our state education system to be a jobs program for teachers and staffs and administrators, but rather we want it to EDUCATE our KIDS! Below are the activities that we need your help to complete. Please do any and all that you can. Every bit helps!!!

1. Absolutely BURY the members of the committee with calls, letters, e-mails, Letters to the Editor, public endorsements, etc. AND DO THE SAME THING to all the superintendents out there, as well as their state organization. There is a link at the bottom of this email to help you contact all legislators on the Education Committee with one click. It can’t get any easier than that!

2. We need people to show up at the committee hearing: so many that everyone cannot get inside the room. Our side needs to show up early so we can get in. We especially need you if you are a constituent of one of the Education Committee members. If you are, please call your representative and tell them how important this is; tell them you will be at the hearing, and make sure you go up to your representative BEFORE the committee meeting to introduce yourself, tell them how important this is to you and your children and then sit where your representative can see you during the meeting. There’s nothing like direct accountability to make a representative think twice about voting differently than his constituency desires.

3. There will be a rally to support School Choice in the rotunda of the Capitol at 9 a.m.-9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 2nd. We need a LARGE, NOISY crowd so that legislators can see and hear it as they head into the building. Everyone is asked to wear a bright yellow t-shirt and make a homemade sign. After the rally, the group will head to House Education Committee in Room 138 by 10:00 am. Once the legislation has been voted on, everyone is invited to gather downstairs for the Conservative Caucus Luncheon in the Capitol Café for lunch (usually $5, CASH only).  The group will eat together in the back room and will hear from Ben Evans of the Heritage Foundation-Heritage for Action, from noon – 1 p.m. and some  legislators.

4. For those who cannot make it to the Capitol for a rally, STARTING AT 1 p.m. ON MONDAY, APRIL 1ST, call the House Desk (located directly in front of the House chambers) and ask them to take a message to deliver to your rep RIGHT NOW! ASK THEM TO SUPPORT SCHOOL CHOICE FOR PARENTS! When the House staff and pages start streaming in with pink phone messages it GETS PEOPLE’S ATTENTION. The House Desk Phone number is 501-682-6211.

Email addresses for all 20 members of the House Education Committee are listed at the bottom of this message. If you would like to email all the representatives at once, you can use the links below. Simply click on the link that corresponds to the device you are using, and all email addresses should automatically load into your email program. Write your message and hit send.

Email All Committee Members – iPhone / GMail / Yahoo
Email All Committee Members – Outlook / Alternate Method
(If clicking the Email All link does not work, right click and select copy email addresses, start a new message in your email program, then right click in the To field of the new message and select paste.)


The Board of Conservative Arkansas

House Education Committee
Representative Dist E-Mail Address
Rep. James McLean-Chair D-63 [email protected]
Rep. Ann Clemmer-Vice Chair R-23 [email protected]
Rep. Debra M. Hobbs R-94 [email protected]
Rep. Les "Skip" Carnine R-90 [email protected]
Rep. Robert E. Dale R-68 [email protected]
Rep. Karen S. Hopper R-100 [email protected]
Rep. Jody Dickinson D-47
Rep. John Charles Edwards D-35 [email protected]
Rep. Mark Biviano R-46 [email protected]
Rep. John Catlett D-73 [email protected]
Rep. Homer Lenderman D-53 [email protected]
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh R-79 [email protected]
Rep. Jon S. Eubanks R-74 [email protected]
Rep. Sheilla E. Lampkin D-9 [email protected]
Rep. James Ratliff D-60 [email protected]
Rep. Bruce Cozart R-24 [email protected]
Rep. Charlotte Vining Douglas R-75 [email protected]
Rep. Mark Lowery R-39 [email protected]
Rep. Charles L. Armstrong D-30 [email protected]
Rep. Brent Talley D-3 [email protected]

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