Future Directions

As you are probably aware, General Bernie Skoch and Susie Doerr have both resigned their respective positions with our organization. While we will all greatly miss their contribution to Conservative Arkansas, we must forge ahead with our conservative mission and message. As such, we’d like to inform you that the Board has proceeded in appointing our State Issues Director, Patsy Wootton, as Interim Executive Director until further notice. Patsy’s experience and passion have been indispensable since CA’s inception, and we’re very excited to have her leading us as we look forward. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and patience during the transition. Any inquiries regarding this leadership change should be directed to your Board of Directors, and a prompt response will be provided.

Additionally, Ralph Hudson has been appointed as the spokesperson for Conservative Arkansas. Most of you know Ralph as the owner of The Front Porch Family Diner. Ralph comes to us with over 20 years of political experience. A Navy veteran, Ralph served as Congressman Asa Hutchinson’s District Director, is a former JP in Washington County, and has a BS in Organizational Management. He brings with him lots of communications experience, having managed or been involved in multiple U.S. Congressional and statewide campaigns. Ralph has also served CA enormously in an unofficial capacity on the Hill, as we’ve pursued a resolution to the expense reimbursement issue. His experience, knowledge, and hospitality have already made him an invaluable asset to CA, and we’re very eager to officially welcome him aboard!

The upcoming year holds great opportunities, and the absence of our founding Executive Director will not deter us. We are a well-oiled machine! Think about what we’ve done just in the past few months. Conservative Arkansas looks forward to declaring victory on the expense reimbursement issue. That’s huge for us! Citizens—patriots, really—are having a direct impact on integrity in government. Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that. We challenge you to name any organization in the last decade that has had such success with state government in Arkansas! This state has operated on the “good ol’ boy” mentality for generations, but Conservative Arkansas said, “No, that ain’t right!” And we won.

So, what now? Victory now, but where do we go from here? For starters, we have a very important election coming up…an active and vibrant primary in May and then the General Elections in November. There are candidates to be vetted, money to be raised, and issues to be formed. These are all things your Board is actively considering for the near future. We’re also sure there are matters important to the membership and we want to hear from you. Please feel free to provide us with any ideas or concerns you may have so we can begin planning for the upcoming months and years.

This is an exciting time in our organization and we look forward to fighting the good fight! The fight no one else has waged. Conservative Arkansas is a formidable force and will continue to increase its political capital and influence in order to further its mission of promoting conservative principles. Are you with us?

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