Fayetteville City Council Recommendations


Early voting is underway and the election is Nov 4.

Since the Board of Conservative Arkansas does not have time to go through our normal endorsement process for the Fayetteville City Council candidates, we have voted as a Board to make a recommendation FOR the following candidates:

Ward 1: Paul Phaneuf
Ward 2: Joshua Crawford
Ward 4: John LaTour

If you live within Fayetteville city limits, we urge you to vote for these candidates for City Council, depending on your Ward.

These men have been with us since the beginning of the battle against the Chapter 119 Civil Rights Ordinance passed by Fayetteville City Council in the early morning hours on August 20. They attended the Council meetings, spoke against this ordinance at the Council meetings, and helped in the petition gathering process to bring the REPEAL of this ordinance to a vote of the people. If elected, they WILL vote to repeal this ordinance.

The Human Rights Campaign has targeted three states to pass these type ordinances: Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi. So if you don’t live in Fayetteville, be sure to keep an eye on your city council, and be cautious with your votes.

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