Expense Reimbursement Summary

One of Conservative Arkansas’s key issues in 2011 and early 2012 was the apparent expense reimbursement abuse by most members of the Arkansas House of Representatives and the Arkansas State Senate. Many legislators are unlawfully deriving significant extra income from expenses that are neither itemized nor justified.

Our organization requested all state legislators sign a pledge to submitting only legal and constitutional expense reimbursement requests, and that they not use the expense reimbursement process to derive extra income from the state, a practice prohibited from the Arkansas State Constitution. You can read the pledge here. Feel free to print a copy to take with you.

We encourage you to personally visit your state senator and representative with copies of the pledge and demand that they do the right thing and sign it.

We have already heard from several members of the state legislature with reasons they will refuse to sign the pledge. Sadly, most appear to be justification for illegal, unethical, and unconstitutional behavior. You can see a list of the excuses and why they are illogical by clicking here. You may wish to review it before you visit your legislators.

For more information, please visit our website devoted entirely to this issue, expensereimbursementissue.com. We have obtained under the Freedom of Information Act several years of expense reimbursement submissions by your legislators. They are disturbing, and they are becoming available on the website.