Expense Reimbursement Issue Website Goes Live

As you are aware, our organization has been researching for several months a significant issue involving our state legislators seeking and receiving reimbursement for office and other expenses purported to be related to their official duties.

Following a careful review of Amendment 70 to the Arkansas state constitution (which establishes legislative salaries), the governing statute, and thousands of pages of legislator invoices, we are now confident that the vast majority of our legislators’ expense reimbursements are neither constitutional nor legal.

As part of our effort to inform the public, we have established a website on this topic accessible to anyone with Internet access: expensereimbursementissue.com and we invite you to browse it. There you will find not only what the law says, but how most of our legislators are ignoring the law by filing for and accepting money they are not due. You can also browse copies of actual legislators’ invoices we obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and you can see which legislators have committed to stopping this practice.

We hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with this issue and to share the website with your friends. And frankly, we hope you will all become as angry as we are at this clear abuse of office for personal enrichment.

We ask that you contact your legislators and demand they stop this costly and unethical practice.

The Conservative Arkansas Board of Directors

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  • Just as well tell them they nearly ALL have a home office expense…..I got hung up on the map, and never got it ….then the e-mail I was sending to Cecile…just didn’t work. Too much time. Sorry.

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