Do You Know Someone Running for the Arkansas Legislature?

Like what you see? Please consider becoming a member. A standard membership is only $25 per year with all dues going to promote conservative causes at the state and federal levels.

Are you running for the Arkansas State House of Representatives or the Arkansas State Senate? Do you know someone who is? Any candidate wishing to demonstrate commitment to fiduciary accountability, transparency, and ethics in government should sign Conservative Arkansas’ Expense Reimbursement Issue (ERI) Pledge. It is available from Conservative Arkansas by mail or through its ERI website,

Candidates who sign the pledge agree to follow the Arkansas State Constitution and relevant Arkansas statutes. They agree to file for and accept only legitimate, documented expenses, and they agree to not direct state money to their families by arranging “sweetheart” contracts with immediate family members for the purpose of accepting additional income.

Those who don’t sign the pledge can expect to be challenged by Conservative Arkansas, its membership, and the electorate.

Submit any questions to Conervative Arkansas using the Quick Contact form at the left side of the screen.

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