Conservative Arkansas Declares Victory In Expense Reimbursement Issue

On Saturday, Nov 5th, Conservative Arkansas held a press conference at our State Capitol to issue statements regarding some important updates:

Several months ago, Conservative Arkansas took on a political “hot potato” which has since become known popularly as the Expense Reimbursement Issue. Today, Conservative Arkansas is proud to declare victory. While many said it couldn’t be done, Conservative Arkansas said, “It has to be done!”

We are aware that there is a pending lawsuit in Pulaski County, from the Arkansas Public Law Center, which presumably will settle the matter legally once and for all. However, there is also a move afoot within state government to get this right, and that’s all Conservative Arkansas ever wanted. We want to thank all those in state government who have been instrumental in making the necessary changes to the way expenses are reimbursed to our legislators. As patriots, we didn’t believe “heads should roll”, only that our state government dispense our tax dollars in the manner the Arkansas Constitution intended.

The People of the State of Arkansas win when all these elements come together and manifest change in the way state government does business. Citizen patriots, the press, legislators, and elected officials in the executive branch interacting with each other is what our founding fathers believed in, it’s what Conservative Arkansas believes in, and it’s what the citizens of this great state deserve.

So today we declare victory for the citizens of this great state. It proves, once again, that our government really is “by the people and for the people.” We do have a say; we can make a difference. Conservative Arkansas proved it.

Our new spokesperson, Ralph Hudson, also briefly addressed the unexpected resignations of two founding board members, including our Executive Director, Bernie Skoch. Conservative Arkansas assured its’ members and the public that the transition has been smooth, and that we are forging ahead. We were very pleased to announce that our State Issues Director, Patsy Wootton, accepted an appointment by the board as our Interim Executive Director until further notice.

This is an exciting time in Arkansas and for our organization, as we look forward to fighting the good fight. Conservative Arkansas is a formidable force and will continue to increase its influence in order to further its mission of promoting conservative principles and conservative candidates.

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