Conservative Arkansas Declares Victory In Expense Reimbursement Issue

On Saturday, Nov 5th, Conservative Arkansas held a press conference at our State Capitol to issue statements regarding some important updates:

Several months ago, Conservative Arkansas took on a political “hot potato” which has since become known popularly as the Expense Reimbursement Issue. Today, Conservative Arkansas is proud to declare victory. While many said it . . . → Read More: Conservative Arkansas Declares Victory In Expense Reimbursement Issue

The Mystery of the Office Supply Company That Wasn’t

As anyone who has run a business knows, office supplies are vital. Pencils, paper, toner supplies, staples, we need them all. And heaven knows, we like shopping locally, so we are happy when we hear of Arkansas businesses offering products we need.

But imagine if you went looking for an office supply company, and it . . . → Read More: The Mystery of the Office Supply Company That Wasn’t

Don’t Skip Skip’s Class

Educators have a special role. Every one of us recollects a special teacher somewhere along the way who educated us, motivated us, and taught us about doing the right thing. So it’s remarkable (and disappointing) when we find a career educator who appears to be doing things that don’t reflect the caring and giving behavior . . . → Read More: Don’t Skip Skip’s Class

The Case of Representative Bobby Pierce

For no particular reason, we happened this weekend on the expense reimbursement invoicing of State Representative Bobby Pierce. Truly it was a random selection. But oh my goodness, how interesting a find it was.

As you can see on our expense reimbursement website, Representative Pierce is billing the state $2,350 a month for “an office, . . . → Read More: The Case of Representative Bobby Pierce

Do You Know Someone Running for the Arkansas Legislature?

Like what you see? Please consider becoming a member. A standard membership is only $25 per year with all dues going to promote conservative causes at the state and federal levels.

Are you running for the Arkansas State House of Representatives or the Arkansas State Senate? Do you know someone who is? Any candidate wishing . . . → Read More: Do You Know Someone Running for the Arkansas Legislature?

Do They Think We Are Stupid?

A conversation around the water fountain turns to state politics. Do our legislators think we are too stupid to know they are taking in extra money on the side that flies in the face of the state constitution? You be the judge. To find out if your legislator is engaging in this behavior, click here.

. . . → Read More: Do They Think We Are Stupid?

The Pledge

Below is a copy of the pledge Conservative Arkansas has sent to all Arkansas state representatives. A few have signed it, some blatantly refused, and most have ignored our request to abide by the limitations set by our state’s constitution. There is a list of who has and hasn’t signed at our sister site, . . . → Read More: The Pledge

Excuses and Answers

If you choose to speak to your elected senator or representative about why he or she is taking expense reimbursements without providing documentation of actual expenses incurred, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the material below. Feel free to print it out. Hover your mouse in the bottom right-hand corner of the . . . → Read More: Excuses and Answers

Expense Reimbursement Issue Website Goes Live

As you are aware, our organization has been researching for several months a significant issue involving our state legislators seeking and receiving reimbursement for office and other expenses purported to be related to their official duties.

Following a careful review of Amendment 70 to the Arkansas state constitution (which establishes legislative salaries), the governing . . . → Read More: Expense Reimbursement Issue Website Goes Live

Expense Reimbursement Issue Update

Conservative Arkansas has devoted two general membership meetings to discussions of apparent expense reimbursement abuse by most members of the Arkansas House of Representatives and the Arkansas State Senate. Many legislators are unlawfully deriving significant extra income from expenses that are neither itemized nor justified.

Our organization requested all state legislators sign a pledge . . . → Read More: Expense Reimbursement Issue Update

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