Call to Action - Senate Needs to Know You Support HB1243 (Professor Carry Bill)


The “Professor Carry Bill”, HB1243, TO ALLOW TRAINED AND LICENSED STAFF AND FACULTY TO CARRY A CONCEALED HANDGUN ON A UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, OR COMMUNITY COLLEGE CAMPUS UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday and should be on the Senate floor on Monday 2/25/13. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Charlie Collins, has asked that we let the Senate members know that we support this bill. There has been a flood of emails from the anti campus carry people which is prompting opposition in the Senate. The conservative senators in the Judiciary Committee already stood their ground and fought off an amendment by the Democrats that would have watered down the bill. They need your help for the full Senate vote. It takes less than 5 minutes to send an email to all 35 senators using the link at the bottom of this message. Please take the time to send them a message in support for this bill!

Click HERE to read the text of the bill.

Email addresses for all 35 members of the Senate are listed at the bottom of this message. If you would like to email all the senators at once, you can use the links below. Simply click on the link that corresponds to the device you are using, and all email addresses should automatically load into your email program. Write your message and hit send. It’s that easy!

Email All Senate Members – iPhone / GMail / Yahoo

Email All Senate Members – Outlook / Alternate Method

(If clicking the Email All link does not work, right click and select copy email addresses or copy link address, start a new message in your email program, then right click in the To field of your email and select paste)

SENATOR District Email Address
Cecile Bledsoe 3 [email protected]
Paul Bookout 21
David Burnett 22 [email protected]
Ronald Caldwell 23 [email protected]
Eddie Cheatham 26
Linda Chesterfield 30 [email protected]
Alan Clark 13 [email protected]
Jonathan Dismang 28 [email protected]
Joyce Elliott 31 [email protected]
Jane English 34 [email protected]
Jake Files 8 [email protected]
Stephanie Flowers 25 [email protected]
Jim Hendren 2 [email protected]
Bart Hester 1 [email protected]
Jimmy Hickey 11 [email protected]
Bruce Holland 9 [email protected]
Jeremy Hutchinson 33 [email protected]
Keith Ingram 24 [email protected]
Missy Irvin 18 [email protected]
David Johnson 32 [email protected]
Johnny Key 17 [email protected]
Bryan King 5 [email protected]
Michael Lamoureux 16 [email protected]
Uvalde Lindsey 4 [email protected]
Bruce Maloch 12 [email protected]
Bobby J. Pierce 27 [email protected]
Jason Rapert 35 [email protected]
Bill Sample 14 [email protected]
David J. Sanders 15 [email protected]
Gary Stubblefield 6 [email protected]
Larry Teague 10 [email protected]
Robert Thompson 20 [email protected]
Eddie Joe Williams 29 [email protected]
Jon Woods 7 [email protected]
David Wyatt 19 [email protected]


The Board of Conservative Arkansas

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