Arkansas Redistricting Issues

Several members of the Board of Directors received the following email from an organization called Secure Arkansas. We want to make you aware of this situation and decided to offer their email to you for your information and consideration. This issue of how to draw district lines was also covered in some Arkansas newspapers in the past week. In an effort to help keep you informed, we decided to send along this email and we encourage you to express your views to the Conservative Arkansas Board as well as members of the Arkansas legislature and the Arkansas Board of Apportionment.

Representative Collins to Create
Hispanic District

Dear Friends,

Following is a letter that it appears has gone out from Charlie Collins (R-Fayetteville) to all our Arkansas representatives. This letter was sent to us by a Secure Arkansas supporter in Northwest Arkansas.

July 4, 2011

Governor Mike Beebe
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel
Secretary of State Mark Martin
Arkansas Board of Apportionment


We are writing to express our support for creating a Hispanic majority House district in Northwest Arkansas. The majority Hispanic House district proposal is consistent with the Voting Rights Act and the principles established in Arkansas with regard to minority majority House districts over the years. We believe the application of the law in Arkansas to date (e.g. African American majority districts) has served the state well, by expanding representation to include ever more of our citizens. Since we have successfully established this approach in Arkansas, it is only appropriate and fair that we continue it by creating a Hispanic majority House district following the latest census where this group now includes 6% of our state’s population.

The time is now because this 6% population share is sure to grow over the coming decade and beyond, as Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in the state. The actions we take now will apply for the next 10 years. While our past and present NWA House members take seriously our charge to represent all of the people, creating this seat takes on special significance, because the representative from this district will likely be the first Hispanic elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives. This Representative will have a unique voice that will give access to views and ideas important to a distinctive community of interest among Arkansans. The Representative from this new district will be able to share what he or she learns by directly participating in the legislative process not just their constituents, but also with other minorities across the state;
potentially inspiring a new generation of Arkansans to public service.

Thank you for taking note of our point of view. We are, of course,
happy to discuss this further with any of you or your staff members.

Charlie Collins (R- Fayetteville)

* * * * *

If you are concerned about this issue, you will need to contact Representative Charlie Collins and your own representative this evening, as soon as possible, because he is going to present this at a meeting TOMORROW, Wednesday. Charlie Collins’ cell phone number is 479-283-9303 and his email is

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