1. What is Conservative Arkansas?

Conservative Arkansas is a political action committee formed to promote conservative causes and candidates at the state and national levels.

2. Who formed the group?

The group was formed by a group of conservative citizens concerned about the state and direction of our nation and state.

3. Who is leading the group?

The executive director is Patsy Wootton, a long-time conservative political activist in northwest Arkansas.

4. Why do we need yet another group or PAC?

Different groups fulfill different needs. Conservative Arkansas is specifically focused on state and national issues and candidates of interest to conservative citizens.

5. Is Conservative Arkansas another political party?


6. Why limit Conservative Arkansas to state and national issues? Why not local issues too?

The group believes the most pressing issues facing our nation are at those levels, and that immediate action is necessary to effect change.

7. What are those “most pressing issues”?

The group believes those issues to currently include:

  • Balancing the federal budget
  • Shrinking the federal government
  • Ending the practice of “earmarks”
  • Implementing a fair tax structure
  • Term limits
  • Insisting on a federal government bounded by the Constitution
  • Fixing illegal immigration

8. How is the group organized?

In addition to an executive director, the board includes a vice executive director, federal and state issues directors, an executive administrator, a treasurer, assistant treasurer, an IT director, and a media relations director.

9. How is Conservative Arkansas financed?

Initial funding will come from member contributions.

10. How do people join Conservative Arkansas?

By contacting the Executive Administrator, Jana Della Rosa, [email protected] or by choosing an option at our Sign Up page.

11. What does membership cost?

Membership is $25 per year.

12. How often and where does the group meet?

The group meets monthly. Meeting locations will be announced.

13. Is Conservative Arkansas aligned with a particular political party?

No. The group promotes conservative causes and the best conservative candidates irrespective of party affiliation.

14. Who is eligible to join Conservative Arkansas?

Any Arkansas resident who supports conservative principles.