2014 Primary Endorsements

Since its founding, the members of Conservative Arkansas have considered primary elections one of its highest priorities. Primaries present the greatest opportunity to influence the way our specific values will be represented and marketed to the public. Too often, conservative groups and organizations shy away from this critical step in the election process because of the inherent difficulties associated with choosing between members of your own team, even as we hail open competition as one of the pillars of our philosophy. The failure to actively participate in the primaries, however, factors heavily in the disconnect that develops between an electorate and its party or elected leaders, and as such, we believe that it’s a burden worth bearing.

We’d also like to add that we are humbled by all of the candidates who pursued our endorsement and by their willingness to submit themselves to our scrutiny. There aren’t sufficient words to express our appreciation for this. Likewise, we recognize the privilege of participating in this process on behalf of conservative values, and we take that privilege very seriously. The membership of Conservative Arkansas has spent the last 3 months reviewing candidates in numerous offices. This was a rigorous process that included candidate presentations, questionnaires and interviews. It concluded with an extensive discussion and membership vote at our last meeting on Saturday, April 5th. We are very pleased to announce endorsements for the 2014 primary election on May 20th:

Statewide Races:
Governor – Asa Hutchinson
Lt. Governor – Andy Mayberry
Attorney General – David Sterling
State Treasurer – Duncan Baird
State Auditor – Andrea Lea

State Senate:
District 09 – Bruce Holland
District 17 – John Burris

House of Representatives:
District 68 – Trevor Drown
District 87 – Lucas Roebuck
District 88 – Lance Eads
District 90 – Jana Della Rosa
District 93 – Bill Burckart
District 94 – Rebecca Petty
District 95 – Sue Scott

Northwest Arkansas Judicial and Prosecutor Races:
Circuit Judge, Dist. 4, Div. 1 – Doug Martin
Circuit Judge, Dist. 4, Div. 3 – Stacey Zimmerman
Fayetteville District Judge, Municipal Court – Tim Snively
Benton County Prosecuting Attorney – Nathan Smith

14 comments to 2014 Primary Endorsements

  • Donna Alberts

    If you are truly conservative, you would not have endorsed a DC insider and someone who had endorsed Holder as AG. Curtis Coleman is the only true conservative in the race for governor. Also, Tim Griffin is a sure thing for Lt. Gov. I’m disappointed in your choice for governor, and will never pay attention to you again.

  • Amy

    Well then your membership either isn’t very informed and/or conservative if they are endorsing Asa. He may be a republican, but he is not conservative.

  • Sara

    I would expect the members who aren’t in the hip pocket of Asa would want to at least attend the first debate happening between Coleman and Hutchinson before making their final decision. If I am correct, Asa refused to debate in NWA and is just now agreeing to in Conway tonight (4-7-14). It’s very presumptuous, undiplomatic and just plain tacky to choose before hearing the debate.

  • Jim

    Curtis is a fine mine and a solid conservative. But the same is true for Asa. Asa was an Arkansas outsider challenging the near monarchy of the Democrat party in this state probably ten years before Curtis came on the scene with Huckabee. Support Curtis – no shame in that. But don’t find a need to tear Asa down with false statements as though he was a Democrat. There is a very good chance were it not for Asa that Curtis would not have a primary to run in today.

  • Dale

    Asa is not Conservative. He endorsed Eric Holder. That right there should speak volumes to the people of Arkansas. I have heard from Reps and Senators in Arkansas for the last year; “Asa deserves to be Governor.” No he doesn’t. I have had Reps tell me that Asa doesn’t need to campaign very much; he’s in!! No one “deserves” to be Governor. It should be a privilege not only to be able to run for that office, but to be considered by the people. Asa is wishy washy. First, he said he would have signed Private Option into law. Then he was backing away from that. Then he was for it after the funding passed. If you like PO and Obama Care – Asa is your man. If you are against PO and Obama Care COLEMAN is the right choice. Asa is FOR po and against Obama Care. If you are a true conservative – Vote for Coleman.

  • Sara

    I attended the debate last night, and to answer your question Matt, I did come away with more respect for Asa than I had before. However, yes, I am still strongly supporting Coleman. But, I did go in with an open mind and was willing to make the decision AFTER hearing in person what each had to say.

  • Jim

    30 years ago when you probably had to be more independent than today’s Tea Party to be Republican in this state, Asa could have taken the easy path into politics and run as a “conservative Democrat”. I don’t know if it was his evangelical Christian belief or something else that stopped him. But he took on the Democrat establishment in this state for no real obvious personal (or at least certainly political) advantage.

    PO is one issue. Yes, it’s a big one. But it is *not* synonymous with Obamacare. And one issue does not define conservatism. In six weeks the Republican Party will have a nominee for Governor and *either man* will be far more conservative and far more *competent* than Mike Ross. I am not trying to dissuade you from supporting Curtis. But we cannot have a scorched-earth attack on either man create a crippled nominee come June.

  • Joanie Hannah

    Should probably look at facts of judicial decisions and reversals on a judge before you endorse them.

    She continued ruling in family matters with a suspended law license at least twice in the last few years. Very irresponsible. FOIA

    Stacey Zimmerman is not what she seems to be.

  • Catalina

    Regarding Judge Zimmerman, I’ve had ample opportunity to observe her in court and found her to be fair and firm. Sentencing juveniles to something similar to boot camp I thought to be a good option and a fair chance at becoming respectful and disciplined young men, much better than sitting in a cell and watching TV and working out.

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