Constitution Class This Saturday

Executive Director Bernie Skoch continues with the free 4-part series of Constitution Classes every Saturday in July from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Jones Center in Springdale. Even if you were unable to attend last week, you are welcome to come this Saturday!

Learn where our Constitution came from Why it was written . . . → Read More: Constitution Class This Saturday

Conservative Arkansas in the News

A primary goal of our organization is obviously to promote conservatism. As such, we work to put ourselves into the thick of the discussion, encouraging and engaging in public debate– striving to get a fair shake for conservative views in the media. Of course, we love to share when it materializes in such an obvious . . . → Read More: Conservative Arkansas in the News

Expense Reimbursement Issue Website Goes Live

As you are aware, our organization has been researching for several months a significant issue involving our state legislators seeking and receiving reimbursement for office and other expenses purported to be related to their official duties.

Following a careful review of Amendment 70 to the Arkansas state constitution (which establishes legislative salaries), the governing . . . → Read More: Expense Reimbursement Issue Website Goes Live

Statement Regarding Ethnic Redistricting

A document attributed this week to a Republican state representative from Washington County has generated a great deal of discussion among the conservative community regarding the author’s apparent support for the establishment of an Hispanic voting district in Northwest Arkansas.

In response, the Board of Directors of Conservative Arkansas issued today the following statement:

Conservative . . . → Read More: Statement Regarding Ethnic Redistricting

Arkansas Redistricting Issues

Several members of the Board of Directors received the following email from an organization called Secure Arkansas. We want to make you aware of this situation and decided to offer their email to you for your information and consideration. This issue of how to draw district lines was also covered in some Arkansas newspapers in . . . → Read More: Arkansas Redistricting Issues

Constitution Class

Executive Director Bernie Skoch is offering a free 4-part series on the Constitution: July 9, 16, 23 & 30, from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Jones Center in Springdale. . . . → Read More: Constitution Class